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What's on in December and January


Dec. 11, Sadamateater, Tartu:  Due to enormous audience interest, rock groups Kukerpillid and Metsatoll are coming to Tartu! 

Dec. 12 – 13, Rakvere Sports Hall, Rakvere:  For just two days, Rakvere will be transformed into "Rockvere," for the Green Christmas 2008 music festival.  Callisto (Fin), Enslaved (Nor) and Tanel Pader and The Sun (Est) will rock out, as well as more than ten other artists.

Dec. 22, Linnahall, Tallinn:  The elegant Christmas Circus will carry you away into an exotic and eccentric world of clowns, llamas, and flying acrobats.  The virtuosity will astound you!

Jan. 17, Vanemuise Concert Hall, Tallinn:  Belgian Brass, the phenomenal musical sensation, will put on an old time brass band show to remember.  A true must see for lovers of trumpets, Big Band and jazz.

Jan. 17, Sadamateater, Tartu:  The musicians of Mustlasvanker will delight audiences with a medley of songs in Estonian, English, Russian and Serbo-Croatian.  This diverse and unique band will play a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, cellos, violins, and violas.

Dec. 7, Arena Riga, Riga:  The Buena Vista Social Club star Omara Portuondo, straight from the hot streets of Cuba, is coming to Riga!  Her brilliant 60 year career as a musician will culminate with this emotional "Positive music" concert. 

Dec. 22, Great Guild, Riga:  Toys will come to life and delight your entire family at The Symphony of Toys concert, featuring an orchestra and soloists from New York City.  This charity Christmas concert is free of charge, if you bring a new toy for an under-privileged child, as a donation.

Dec. 25, Arena Riga, Riga:  Russia's biggest pop stars will gather in Riga for the 96.2 Russian Hit Radio Christmas Concert!  The boy band pop sensation, Bis, will perform its hit songs, including the radio-friendly tune, "Katja."

Dec. 30, Riga Congress Centre, Riga:  The Harlem Gospel Choir, the most famous gospel choir in America, is heading to Latvia to perform an exciting array of African-American music. 

Dec. 31, Arena Riga, Riga:  Electronica and rap music lovers get your dance shoes laced up, the New Years Dance Summit is coming to Arena Riga.  Former Underworld Musician Darren Emerson, and American hip hop artist DJ Scratch will be the stars of the show. 


Dec. 4, Siemens Arena, Vilnius:  The long haired 70's rockers of Whitesnake will prove without question that it's "Good to be Bad" when their 2008 World Tour stops in Vilnius.

Dec. 6, Amerika Pirtyje, Kaunas:  The classic 70's punk rock group Sham 69 is coming from Hersham, England, to put on the rawest and gnarliest show in town!

Dec. 12, Club Muse, Vilnius:  The hot and swarthy reggae beats of Jamaica are coming to Lithuania for "Jamaica Nights", an evening of reggae, electronica and roots music.  Sounds of Freedom and Rastamaniek (both from Poland) will perform.

Jan. 28, Mulen Rupas Bar, Vilnius:  The heavy metal music festival Ferrum Frost will showcase the heaviest riffs in Lithuania.  Ossatorium, Mandragora, Dark Ravage and Zas will headline.

Jan. 29, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Vilnius:  Celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday in style, with the Musica Humana ensemble and the Jauna Muzika choir.  The Salzburg Symphony, Concerto for Oboe and Strings, and Waisenhausmesse will be performed.