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Uncle Joe, The Wizard Menace

Lolita Osipova, the organizer of a summer camp for Harry Potter enthusiasts in Latvia, received about 15 anonymous threatening messages to her cell phone in early June, as reported by The Baltic Times and BNS. After receiving the threats, she contacted the police for fear that something might happen to the camp children.

According to Osipova, the unnerving text messages were sent to her from various telephones. The senders of these messages urged her to scrap the camp, quoting the Bible and pointing at the summer camp's links with evil spirits, sorcery and magic.
There were many possible suspects for the shady calls, including members of Gulbene's Lutheran and Roman Catholic congregations who made remarks about the Harry Potter books' negative impact on the young generation during sermons.

After all of Osipova's fears and work to defend the camp against evil, assuring people that the wizardry at the Harry Potter camp has nothing to do with real sorcery or magic, she finally discovered the identity of the mysterious caller. It was a long lost relative! After a warm family reunion, it was clear that the threats were just a big misunderstanding. The summer camp will go
off, albeit to the dismay of the local clergy, as planned.

Was it the work of a wizard, or just plain strange?