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Tinsel Time in Tallinn

Everyone loves a souvenir gift upon returning home from vacation. Actually most people expect them, whether they say so or not.

Souvenirs make a nice little thank you gift to the neighbors who watched your home while you were gone, the babysitter who regularly watches your children, the pet sitter or anyone you hold near and dear.

Souvenirs are also nice for “just because” gifts to show affection to the people you love and care for. Never forget to buy plenty of memorabilia for yourself as well, as a souvenir is an object that a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it. However, sometimes it is not an easy task to choose a suitable souvenir.

Despite the challenge that selecting the perfect souvenir presents, Estonia makes it easy to find the ideal gift. A required place to stop whenever shopping in Tallinn is the outdoor knit market on Muurivahe Street, where craftswomen sell their knitted products in the shadow of the town wall. Even more intriguing for the adventurous shopper is the Katariina Passage. Here in medieval-style workshops run by the Katariina Guild’s artists, onlookers can admire glassworks, ceramics, leather goods, quilts, mugs with graphic panorama of Tallinn Old Town, handmade medieval theme dolls, tapestries with Tallinn City and Old Town sights, leadcast figure of Old Thomas and other items created right before their eyes.

Whilst walking through the open-air markets, one can find a large variety of traditional and classical souvenirs. Favorites, such as carved wooden beer mugs, fun felt hats, juniper coasters and limestone candle holders, are an ideal gift for a friend or a family member. Favorite souvenirs from Estonia also include original art such as graphic prints, handmade jewelry, colorful glassware or fine ceramics . CDs of Estonian composers of international acclaim such as Tormis, Part, Tubin, Tuur would be a suitable gift for folk lovers.

One of the oldest traditional Estonian handicraft souvenirs is Haapsalu shawl (or Haapsalu scarf ), which is a traditional knitted lace shawl originating from the small town of Haapsalu in Estonia. Another souvenir that will take you back to the places that have already become familiar to you is a DVD of the film “Estonia - a land of simple treasures”, which takes you through all the counties of Estonia, accompanied by beautiful Estonian music. While watching it you will get a glimpse of Estonia’s winter, the rush of spring and the autumn gold. When selecting a souvenir for a family member or friend, keep in mind what would be a thoughtful gift for this person? The book of Estonian cuisine with recipes and photos of traditional Estonian food would be an ideal gift for a real gourmet

By Ella Karapetyan