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Real Estate: Tallinn - A Seaside City

Tallinn is working on strengthening its connection with the sea with plans to make it a real maritime city, attracting both tourists and locals. The city wants to construct a long coastal promenade with pubs and restaurants during the next few years and the seaside Tallinn Linnahall will be transformed into a modern convention center. The city government itself will move to the port area. There are plans for creating a sea sports centre in addition to the existing Pirita Sailing Centre, where both surfers and little boats would have their place.

Tallinn's coastal line is 40 kilometres long, but only one quarter of it is open to the public. By 2011 Tallinn wants to assure that those 10 kilometres have turned into 40 and the whole coastal line is accessible to the public.

There are plans to develop the coastal areas that border the port of Tallinn. A lot of thought is being put into the planning with other European cities being used for inspiration.

According to Tallinn's City Council, great potential lies in the Rotermann district with its limestone architecture where development is already in process. According to the detailed planning and limits set by the preservation of antiquities, all limestone factory buildings must be preserved. New capacities will be moderately added to the existing buildings and in addition to housing there will be a separate area for culture and entertainment.