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Tallinn hotels


High End 

Barons: (I-2) Suur-Karja 7 / Väike-Karja 2, in the old city; tel. 699-9700, fax 699-9710; barons@baronshotel.ee.  If you saw Bonnie and Clyde flying down the stairs at this former bank turned hotel, guns in one hand and money bags in the other, you'd think it perfectly natural given the surroundings. The authentic, 1930s feel of Barons is a delightful feature of this excellent hotel: there's the pre-war cage-like elevator, the oak staircase that sweeps into the lobby and bank vaults now used to keep luggage. A double is some 140 €. www.baronshotel.ee

Best Western Hotel Tallink: (B-3) Laikmaa 5, tel. 630-0800, fax 630-0810; hotel@tallink.ee. The wonderful Space-Age facade sets the tone of this admirable new hotel. This is an award-winning conversion of an ugly old Soviet-era department center that existed in the same place a decade ago. The location of this city-center hotel is ideal, just a few minutes walk to the old city and next to some of Tallinn's prime shopping areas; it's right across the street from the Viru Keskus mall, for instance. If they are not lavish, the rooms more than do the trick. A standard double costs around 130 €.  

Domina City: (J-2) Vana-Posti 11/13, tel. 681-3900, fax 681-3901; city@domina.ee. A well located hotel, in the old city and within easy walking distance of all the notable business districts. Owned by an Italian real estate developer, Ernesto Preatoni, this elegant hotel has a distinct Italian feel with its light marble floors and stately staircases. Top class. Doubles start from 150 €.  www.dominahotels.com

Domina Ilmarine: (B-3) Põhja pst. 23, a stone's throw away from the old city; tel. 614-0900, fax 614-0901; ilmarine@domina.ee.  This is a unique hotel in that it also targets longer-term visitors. Domina Ilmarine has apartment-like rooms on two levels. They recently completed a massive renovation that makes the place feel more like, well, a hotel. Rooms line a vast indoor space, reminiscent of a botanical garden or mock city street.Domina Ilmarine features all your standard feature comforts and nice conference rooms. Cheaper rooms go for 120 €; better deals the longer you stay.  www.dominahotels.com

Hotel Schlössle: (H-3) Pühavaimu 13/15, tel. 699-7700, fax 699-7777; schlossle.reservations@schlossle-hotels.com.  A breath-taking hotel in a fairytale, 15th century building. The ancient, Hanseatic feel of this hotel is overwhelming, and the old world charm is present throughout: not just the place but the people. Member of Leading Small Hotels of the World. Rooms from around 350 €. www.schloesslehotel.com  

Hotel St. Petersbourg: (I-2) Rataskaevu 7, in the old city; tel. 628-6500, fax 628-6565; stpetersbourg.reservations@schlossle-hotels.com.  A bastion of good cheer and outstanding service; it has a great restaurant and a wonderful lounge bar. This is Tallinn's oldest cointinuously functioning hotel--since 1850. You can't go wrong here. Rates start at 295 €. www.hotelstpetersbourg.com  

Kalev Spa Hotel: (I-2) Aia 18, tel. 649-3300, fax 649-3301, kalevspa@kalevspa.ee. If you like to swim or work out while traveling, this is your hotel. You'll be hard pressed to find another in Tallinn with both a serious pool and gym. There's even a water park for kiddies. Situated in the old city, you are walking distance from everywhere. Doubles from around 110 €. www.kalevspa.ee

Merchant's House Hotel: (I-2) Dunkri 4, tel. 697-7500, fax 697-7501; sales@merchantshousehotel.com. The modern world meets the 14th century in this very tasteful new hotel. Merchant's House is a trendy boutique hotel which preserves ancient limestone and murals, yet isn't afraid to pair them with modern Spanish lamps. Plasma-screen TVs in each of the 37 rooms, free wifi. And you can't ask for a better location: smack dab in the middle of Tallinn's Old Town. Around 125 € for a double. www.merchantshousehotel.com 

Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn: (B-2) Toompuiestee 27, tel. 667-7000, fax 667-7555; reservationsgrand@meritonhotels.com.  This centrally located hotel is an impressive reincarnation of the underwhelmingTallinn Hotel that used to be here. It has a professional, well-thought-out interior. The hotel's located just to the west of Toompea Hill—not in the very heart of the old city, but so close it doesn't really matter. It's also easily accessible by car. Double: 153 €. www.meritonhotels.com 
Pädaste Manor: (Muhu Island), tel. 454-8800, fax 454-8811, info@padaste.ee. Pädaste is the creme de la creme in the Baltic and well beyond. Despite the praise heaped on it by travel magazines, it retains an intimate, friendly feel with first-class service and remarkable attention to detail. (Note: Pädaste is closed Jan. 3 - Feb. 14). 88-185 € per night. www.padaste.ee

Radisson SAS Hotel Tallinn: (J-4) Rävala pst. 3, tel. 682-3000; fax 682-3001; info.tallinn@radissonsas.com.  This excellent 24-story hotel is hard to miss; it's said to be the tallest building in Estonia—and it's one of the country's newest bona fide landmarks. Its location is ideal: a short walk to almost anywhere of note in the capital. While it's in the business district, it has stunning views of the old town and sea. With the Radisson brand, quality's a given. There are some 280 rooms and many conference rooms; a health club and sauna, too. A standard double is about 150 €. www.radissonsas.com  

Reval Hotel Olümpia: (C-3) Liivalaia 33, a 10-minute walk from the old city; tel. 669-0690 for reservations and 631-5333 for the front desk, fax 631-5325; olympia.sales@revalhotels.com.  While it's big—26-stories—the ambience at this hotel is pleasant, even homey. Service is outstanding. The Olümpia has a popular nightclub, an excellent pastry shop, a café and the Englishman Pub. A wonderful sauna, pool and weight room—all with great views of Tallinn—are on the 26th floor. Standard and business class rooms, and a dozen luxury suites; doubles start at 150 €. www.revalhotels.com  

Reval Park Hotel & Casino: (C-4) Kreutzwaldi 23; for reservations, tel. 669-0690, tel. 630-5305, fax 630-5315; park.sales@revalhotels.com. The Park Hotel, run by the Reval Hotel Group, is stylish, with quality service and atmosphere. With its spacious, modern rooms, it compares favorably with other very good hotels in Tallinn. A double is about 110 €. www.revalhotels.com  

Scandic Palace: (C-3) Vabaduse väljak 3, tel. 640-7300, fax 640-7299; palace@scandic-hotels.com.  In a location that couldn't be better, on the edge of the old city; also easy access to cabs, trams and buses. Part of the international Hilton hotel chain. Double: 155 €.

The Three Sisters: (H-2) Pikk 71/Tolli 2, in the old city; tel. 630-6300, fax 630-6301; info@threesistershotel.com.  Its unquestionable luxury aside, this hotel seems to have won most of the "Best of" accolades--e.g. Conde Nast Traveler's 50 most stylish new hotels in the world. But the best thing is the staff's attention to detail: there's an Estonian lesson in every room and even a camera in the minibar. Doubles start at around 370 €. www.threesistershotel.com

Villa Ammende: (Mere pst. 7, Pärnu), tel. 447-3888, fax 447-3887, ammende@ammende.ee. A stylish, 100-year-old Art Nouveau mansion with the beach only minutes away. The hotel has a striking quietude and peace you don't find in newer structures. The restaurant does serious gourmet, and many make the trek from Tallinn simply to eat there. Doubles run 70-320 €. www.ammende.ee

Viru Inn: (I-2) Viru 8, tel. 611-7600, fax 641-8357. viruinn@viruinn.eeFifteen unique rooms in the heart of the Old Town where luxuries (bathrobes, flat-screen TVs, antique furniture) come standard. The hotel is owned by an Estonian family who clearly set out not to make a cookie-cutter hotel. Doubles are 200 € with a morning sauna included in the price. www.viruinn.ee

Middle Range

City Hotel Portus: (B-4) Uus-Sadama tn. 23, tel. 6806 600; tallinnhotels@tallinnhotels.ee. Portus' ambition is to create a family-friendly oasis in the port. And when they say family, they mean it: even dogs are welcome here. More good news: if you're not staying at the hotel, but you're looking to avoid the dreadful food inside the port terminal, Portus's Café Retro is almost as close and the food exponentially better. For hotel guests, free garage parking under the hotel. 67€ for a double.

Hotell Euroopa: Paadi 5, tel. 6699 777, fax 6699 770. info@euroopa.ee. Right on the waterfront overlooking the port of Tallinn, so you may find yourself staring at boats instead of marching through the Old Town. Practical Nordic design (all materials from Estonia, which is unusual) in bigger-than-average rooms. WiFi throughout and 27 parking places under the hotel. 120 € for a standard double. www.euroopa.ee 

L'Ermitage: (C-2) Toompuiestee 19, tel. 699-6400, fax 699-6401; info@lermitagehotel.ee.  A centrally located hotel just west of Toompea Hill. This is a smaller-scale, traditional-looking hotel, but one that is clean, friendly and efficient. Double: 135 €. www.lermitagehotel.ee 

Meriton Old Town Hotel: (G-3) Lai 49, tel. 614-1300, fax 614-1311; reservations@meritonhotels.com.  Mid-size hotel in the quieter end of the old city. Excellent value. A double: some 75 €. www.meritonhotels.com

Old Town Maestro's: (I-2) Suur-Karja 10, tel. 626-2000, fax 631-333, maestro@maestrohotel.ee. Great value for money in the Old Town. What is called a suite in many hotels is a normal room here. Sauna on the top floor with a stunning view. Doubles for 122 €. www.maestrohotel.ee

Reval Express Hotel: (B-3) Sadama 1, tel. for reservations 669-0690, tel. 667-8700, fax 667-8800; expresstallinn.sales@revalhotels.com.  A hotel that's just a few minutes walk from the main ferry harbor and old city. It provides efficient, clean accommodations—at affordable prices. A double is only about 65 €; excellent value. www.revalhotels.com 

Reval Hotel Central: (B-4) Narva mnt. 7c, for reservations tel. 669-0690; 633-9800; fax 633-9900; central.sales@revalhotels.com.  Conveniently located in the city center. The whole place has something of the feel of a well-ordered Nordic airline: it's sparkling clean, very friendly and efficient. At about 80-100 € for a double, it is good value for your money. www.revalhotels.com 

Scandic St. Barbara: (J-2) Roosikrantsi 2a, on the edge of the old city off Vabaduse Square; tel. 640-7600, fax 640-7443; stbarbara@scandic-hotels.com.  St. Barbara is one of the top mid-range hotels. There are few frills here: no sauna, no conference rooms, no lobby bar. But rooms are comfortable, and the hotel's location is ideal. Double is some 100 €. www.scandic-hotels.com

Stroomi: Randla 11, tel. 630-4200, fax 630-4500, in Pelgurand, a 10-minute drive west of the center; stroomi@stroomi.ee.  Literally, 250 meters from Stroomi Beach with bicycle and roller-skate rental offered by the hotel. Pelgurand still suffers from severe Soviet architecture, but it does boast one of the nicest city beaches. Stroomi's 40 € per night for a double, makes this a bargain. www.stroomi.ee 

Uniquestay Hotel: (C-2) Paldiski mnt. 1 and 3, tel. 660-0700, fax 661-6176; info@uniquestay.com.  An extremely well thought-through hotel. A well-priced, British-owned hotel and at the foot of the old city's Toompea Hill. Each of the finely—if sparsely—decorated rooms has its own online computer. The interior is modern though not lacking warmth, with lights set in the parquet floors and pastel walls; the staff is equally friendly and attentive. There's also a fashionable but cozy café/restaurant in the basement, worth visiting even if you are not staying here. Prices, at 105 € for a double, are excellent for such quality—and for the convenience of being in the city center. www.uniquestay.com

Uniquestay Mihkli: (C-2) Endla 23, tel. 666 4800, fax 666 4888, reservationsmihkli@uniquestay.com. Another offering from the Uniquestay folks—who have this time rescued the famous (well, famous to some) Mihkli Hotel. The Uniquestay facelift and brand brings to the Mihkli clean Scandinavian design, value for money, and tech (flat-screen internet-connected computers in all rooms, wifi throughout the house). Doubles about 105 €. www.uniquestay.com