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Doctors to strike?

This time the threat is from Estonia

The Estonian Medical Association has decided that unless the state begins funding the healthcare sector sufficiently, they will prepare for a general strike in January. During the strike only children, cancer patients, and emergency patients will be treated.

The minimum hourly fee doctors presently charge is 75 kroons, resulting in around 12,500 kroons (800 euros) per month. The Medical Association is demanding double the average salary, or 17,000 kroons (a little over 1,000 euros) per month next year.

Peeter Laasik, Assistant Minister of Social Affairs, the ministry is concerned about the strike plans and the well-being of patients. The secretary general of the Estonian Medical Association Katrin Rehemaa says the state, not doctors, is to blame. “Unfortunately, the current inadequate funding harms the interests of patients even more since doctors leave to work in foreign countries... If the state cannot understand this, we have no option than to consider a strike.”