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Beer Review: A. le Coq Stout

The mother of all disappointments

I love dark beer. And I love beer made by A. le Coq, that underdog brewery deep in the heart of the real Estonian countryside, the city of Tartu—that heroic little brewery which upset and slowly laid ruin to the big bad beer dynasty of Saku. Last year, A. le Coq produced a Christmas Porter (Jõuluporter) which knocked my socks off—rich, chocolaty, a divine gastronomic experience. This year, they’ve got a stout, one so weak it makes me think Americans invaded the brewery and tinkered with the recipe. So a word to beer-loving readers: stock up on the Christmas Porter. A. le Coq Stout, I regret to say, is a loser. –Review by Vello Vikerkaar, Stout Canadian Beer Lover