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Estonia in the NATO Spotlight

Somebody call security!

NATO and Estonian company Viking Security AS have signed a preliminary supply contract, making Viking Security the first such company conclude all the necessary preparations. In response, Estonian Defense Minister Jürgen Ligi said, “A preliminary supply contract is a sign of trustworthiness for a company. I hope that other firms follow that initiative.”

In related news, Estonia plans to send 40 members of the Estonian defense forces and six Pasi armored vehicles to aid Riga in providing security for the NATO Summit on November 28-29. Trivimi Velliste, Deputy Chairman of the Parliament’s State Defense Committee, stated, “There has been no dispute whatsoever about whether to send our defense force members to Latvia or not. These are our Southern neighbors we are talking about and naturally we answer in affirmative to their request.” It’s good to know he’s not referring to the other Latvia.