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Finns Help Out with Anti-Fur Protest

And we thought they just came for the cheap beer.

Last Saturday, an Estonian group called In the Name of Animals collaborated with Oikeutta Eläimille (a Finnish animal protection group) to stage an anti-fur protest in Tallinn. Fifty to 100 activists, around half of them Finns, gathered in Tammsaare park in central Tallinn and moved to the Old Town where they protested in front of stores that sell fur products.

Though the group claims to organize peaceful demonstrations, the Northern Police Prefecture spokesman Harrys Puusepp stated that the protest did not pass without incident. He said, “The police had to intervene to guarantee public order since the organizer of the public meeting could not do that.” Another protest is registered to take place, and the police will be sure to leave their fox fur hats at home for this one.