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Ambassador gets her purse back?

And finally a purse snatcher is caught

Don’t go stealing purses in Tallinn, unless you want to spend some time in the clink. And, certainly, don’t go snatching the purse of an ambassador. One of his victims was former Estonian State Secretary and Ambassador to Portugal Aino Lepik von Wiren—certainly the wrong woman from whom to snatch a purse. Thirty-year-old Latvian Erics Vitalijs received a two year and four months prison sentence for a series of 17 snatchings. He’s also required to pay 4,500 kroons to the state and compensate 94,232 kroons of damages to 17 victims (about 6,000 euros total). Where, we wonder, does a purse snatcher get 6,000 euros to pay restitution? By snatching more purses, of course.