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Finn wants "Peipsi Kola" trademark. Pepsi says No.

 You thought Pepsi was dead?

They still have one lawyer.

PepsiCo Incorporated has disputed the registration of the trademark “Peipsi Kola” in Estonia (Lake Peipsi is Estonia’s largest lake; “kola” means junk in Estonian). Äripäev, Estonia’s business daily, reports that Finnish management consultant Jari-Pekka Kukkonen feels the words create “a good mood and positive injection of energy.” Despite a brand which translates as “Lake Trash,” Kukkonen believes it’s a fine name for “products like sweets and soft drinks.”

The Estonian Patent Board thinks though that Peipsi Kola is too similar to Pepsi Cola and refused to register the Peipsi Kola trademark for soft drinks, though it permitted the trademark for sweets last August. Our hat is off to Mr. Kukkonen who seems to have a Richard Branson spirit about him. Lake Trash, anyone?