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Where were Bruce, Arnold, and Sly?

 Or any other Baltic superhero?

The Finnish fishing ship Borka sank last week, 35 kilometers off the coast of Estonia’s Hiiumaa island; all four crew members were saved. The 22-meter vessel sent a distress call to the Estonian border guard at around 11 p.m. last Thursday when the ship’s engine room began to fill with water. A ship nearby attempted to rescue them but had to abandon it due to high waves. The Estonian border guard and their antique helicopter was also unable to hoist the fishermen to safety, given wind speeds approaching 25 meters per second and the peculiarity of the ship’s construction. The fishermen were left to abandon ship in a rescue raft and were later picked up by a Swedish ship alerted by the border guard.

To us, this sounds like the beginning of a dozen movies we’ve seen, though in the Hollywood versions, Bruce, Arnold, or Sly always saves the day. Luckily, this time things turned out just fine. Except for one boat on the bottom of the sea.