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Spanish Food, Soviet Service

Lunchtime at Buen Provecho

Tapas dining is a refreshing change from the endless parade of Tallinn restaurants serving overcooked pork, and so we welcome Buen Provecho, the new Spanish restaurant on Tallinn’s Pärnu Road. Buen Provecho is aptly named (it’s the Spanish equivalent of “Bon Appetit”) because, at least for us, the food (and the house wine) was the only part of the meal we enjoyed.

When we asked a waitress to turn down the music so we could talk, she simply ignored us. When we asked a waiter, he refused. When we asked him for the owner’s name, he offered us an explanation: “If I turn the music down in the restaurant, it will also be turned down in the bar.” Given that it was lunch time, we asked if people in the bar area might also want to talk? The waiter had no answer for this one, so he grinned and walked away. Eventually, after we glared at him several times, he turned it down. But only slightly.

Our conclusion: Buen Provecho will be a great place to dine during electrical blackouts. Buen Provecho, Pärnu mnt 37, Tallinn. Look for the bright colored doors.