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When massage means massage

Battling the brothel perception

When ThaiHand opened its door two weeks ago, management never dreamed it would encounter clients who wanted more than a massage. “One man came in,” said ThaiHand’s Director Victoria Gussakova, “and he harassed our masseuse. He seemed not to understand that this was not a brothel!”

And it is decidedly not a brothel. ThaiHand, located in Tallinn’s port across from the D-terminal, gives Thai massages to tourists and businessmen (“yoga for lazy people,” as some have described the treatment). Their staff has been trained in Thailand. “Thai massage keeps your body flexible and strong, is great for inner peace and general health,” said Gussakova. And how does she feel about those who mistake it for a brothel? “It’s sad more than anything else,” she said.

(ThaiHand offers 90 minutes of massage for about 35 euros. And if you mention you read this in City Paper, they’ll give you an additional 10% off. But, please, no brothel jokes. ThaiHand, Uus Sadama 25 (the orange building across from D-terminal), tel. +372 631 8288 or +372 566 34 000, info@thaihand.ee).