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City of Riga becoming more tourism minded?

One small step... The Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the organization Inspiration Riga, and the Association of Latvian Travel Agents are worried about the quality of services provided by Latvian taxi drivers. They note recent negative references about their city’s taxis made in foreign newspapers. The organizations say there may soon be an anonymous phone line for complaints about drivers.

Historically, Riga is not the most tourism-minded city. Read on.


Recently, foreign tourist companies complained about not enough tour bus parking in downtown Riga. Riga City spokesmen responded by noting “there are already two spaces” for busses and that Riga was a “wonderful city to see by foot.”


To be fair, Riga has taken some steps to improve its taxi service (recent tariff reforms), though many argue those were taken at the behest of the drivers themselves, not foreign passengers. Forgive us if we view taxi reform in Riga with a jaundiced eye and aren’t too optimistic about an anonymous complaint line.