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Dutch speeders in Estonian jail

This time, the idiot drivers are imported.

Two Dutchmen, participants in The Challenge 2006, an auto race from Holland through former Eastern bloc countries to Russia, have found themselves in an Estonian jail.The court decided yesterday to send the two drivers, who entered the city of Pärnu at nearly 130 kilometers-per-hour speed, to a detention facility for ten days. The allowed maximum speed in Pärnu (as well as in all Estonian towns) is 50 kph.

Police clocked a Porsche at 133 kph and a Lamborghini at 135 kph. Not so unusual in the Baltic, to be sure, but then the drivers refused to stop when signaled by the police. The police failed at one attempt to block the road, and it was not until several kilometers later they were able to stop the sports cars at a bridge. A spokesman said that the jail time is not usual punishment, but the drivers’ refusal to stop compounded the matter. The drivers claimed they did not notice the police’s signal.

By the time you read this, Baltic roads will return to their regular degree of safety (whatever you judge that to be), as the Dutch have moved on to Russia.