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USA goes hi-tech: visa applications via internet

And the eternal question: How long until Estonians can travel visa-free?

In a few months, applying for a United States visa will become easier for Estonian citizens –it will be possible to submit an application via the internet. Applicants will be required to go to the embassy only once for an interview, the visa itself to be delivered by courier mail.


US Consul Roger Deuerlein also noted that the refusal rate for Estonian applicants has decreased by nearly half over the past couple of years to nine percent, though he was unwilling to forecast when Estonia might have visa-freedom with the USA. (What will it take for Estonians to enjoy visa-free travel to the United States? For starters, according to current policy set by the US State Department and Department of Homeland Security, Estonia needs a nonimmigrant visa refusal rate of under three percent.)

We salute the embassy for the adoption of new technology. Perhaps applicants might also use the new technology to select what kind of pastry they would like with their coffee during the interview?