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Estonians relatively happy, but miserable on a world-scale.

The World Map of Happiness explains it all.


The World Map of Happiness compiled by Great Britain’s Leicester University has given the Estonians the dubious honor of being happiest of the Baltic peoples. Of 178 countries, Estonia ranked 139th, while Latvia and Lithuania finished 154th and 155th respectively. Russia ranked 167th.

The happiest people in the world are the Danes, followed by the Swiss, Austrians, Icelanders, Bahamians, Finns, Swedes, Bhutanese, Bruneians, and Canadians. Americans ranked 23rd, Germans 35th, Brits 41st, Italians 50th, and the French 62nd.

Not to question the study’s methodology, but we’re not quite sure how the Finns finished in sixth place but also continually take honors in the race for the world’s highest suicide rate. “Happiness,” whatever it really means, was in this study associated with good healthcare, high GDP, and free access to education.Without question, Finland excels in these.


But Burundi does not. The world’s most unhappy people live in Burundi.