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Kalev tops in image game

But it’s the banking sector to watch

A Emor survey concerning the reputation of Estonian enterprises says these have the best reputations:

1. Kalev

2. Hansapank

3. Saku Brewery

4. SEB Eesti Ühispank

Kalev, despite its top spot, did slightly worse this year than last. While Kalev is known among foreigners for its sweets, locals know it as a real-estate giant, one which exacts huge sums for the Estonian police department for a long-term lease on the old chocolate factory.

Hansapank—even though City Paper’s Vello Vikerkaar took his business to SEB (pick up a June City Paper)—is still the most profitable Estonian company.

Emor pollsters point out the improvement of the image of the banking sector. Sorry, Vello, your bank is still running behind.