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Tallink to Estonian PM: Help us with Finns

Union fights for worker rights or industry domination?

Finnish trade unions are demanding that stewardesses and maids aboard Tallink vessels earn 25,370 kroons per month (1,621 €). Such salaries-four to five times the average Estonian wage-would obviously bite into Tallink’s profit.

According to Estonian daily Eesti Päevaleht, Tallink’s CEO Enn Pant believes the trade union’s boycott has three long-term objectives: (1) To end Tallink’s operations the routes of Rostock-Paldiski and Paldiski-Hanko, (2) For Tallink to earn a loss on the route so that Finnish competitors may benefit, (3) For Tallink to be operated under a Finnish flag, “After which,” says Pant, “the replacement of the crew with the Finnish seamen would only naturally follow.”

Toward the resolution of the situation, Pant, has sent a letter to Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, asking for his help in dealing with the Finnish trade unions. Pant apparently requested the PM ask Finland to end the boycott.