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Russia: Balts violate minority rights. Balts: Russia full of B.S.

Another day, another tiresome accusation.

The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the European Communities Vladimir Chizhov says new EU member states are creating tensions in EU’s relations with Russia. Chizhov also noted in an interview with the Financial Times that the attitude of East European states makes it harder to create a long-term partnership of the EU and Russia. Chizhov told Interfax that Moscow is still worried about the rights of the Russian minority in the Baltic states and that Latvia and Estonia are ignoring the recommendations of the European Union.

Estonian minister of foreign affairs Urmas Paet recommended that the Russian colleagues ought to check their facts better.

As punishment, EU classroom monitors say Russia and the Baltic states will not be allowed to play alone in the sandbox, and both countries shall forgo desert in the cafeteria for one entire week.