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Ilves favored for Estonia's presidency

Could he be the child of Meri and Rüütel?

If the electoral assembly convened today to elect the next Estonian president, MEP Toomas Hendrik Ilves would most likely be declared the winner, a phone poll by Turu-Uuringute indicates.

According to the data, if Ilves and Rüütel reached the final stage of the elections, 42% polled would vote for Ilves and only 19% for Rüütel. 39% were undecided.

If Ilves and Savisaar were to be in the final round, Ilves would be even more successful, getting 48% of votes. 20% would vote for Savisaar. 33% were undecided.

If you read last week’s Week in Review, you know Estonians want the best of both Rüütel and Meri in their new president. One reader wrote to suggest this meant “really long, communist-era speeches which are actually clever and funny.”