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If Meri and Rüütel could have a child...

Estonia would have the perfect president

Estonians want a president as “wise and educated” as Lennart Meri and as “caring and considerate” as Arnold Rüütel, a Faktum & Ariko poll shows. Certainly a challenge for eugenicists.

“He should be much closer in profile to Meri than Rüütel, and the qualities close to the profile of Rüütel do not really connect to what is expected of the new president,” says sociologist Kalev Petti. People expect the president to know foreign languages, be “wise, educated, reasonable” but also caring and considerate towards people. The ability to communicate and perform, respectability, and a dignified image were important, too. Those polled want the next head of state to be honest and trustworthy and to protect Estonia’s interests and be strong in foreign relations. And it wouldn’t hurt if he could turn lead into gold, too.