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Sergeant Major gets Royal Pardon

Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassim says no cane.

The Emir of Sharjah granted a pardon to Estonian Senior Sergeant Major Andrei Korol who was arrested two months ago in United Arab Emirates for drinking and harassment of a local woman and the man can now return home.

The second-level court of Sharjah decided last Saturday that Korol must be punished for the alleged harassment with a fine of 2,000 dirham (450 euros). For consuming alcohol, the court awarded 40 strokes with a cane. According to rules, one day of arrest counts 100 dirham, and Since Korol has been sitting 40 days, his fine was paid. (By our math, he should get a few dirham back.)

Estonian representatives appealed to Sharjah emirate’s ruler Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassim, who granted a pardon to Korol. This does not make him innocent in Arab eyes, but does mean the punishment will not be carried out. Korol should return home this week.