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Some of our advertisers have tried our new web-based product, City Paper Week in Review. Here’s what they say: “After the first week of using City Paper Week in Review, we received more than 200 online registrations to our loyal customer database, making this campaign the best web campaign that Copterline has ever had.” Thomas Olbert, Sales Director of Copterline OY

“We were hesitant to try City Paper’s Week in Reveiw, as this type of media is not very common here yet. Finally we decided to try out their cheapest advertising product—a text link. To our surprise, this was the best web advertising we have ever done. Our website visits increased by a factor of 12 times immediately, and increased 9 times after the second mailing. We have also received several bookings through this campaign.” Indrek Jauk, CEO of Regelung rent-a-car service in Tallinn, Estonia

We set up a special webpage to test the actual effects of City Paper Week in Review delivery, and the traffic we received was heavy—440 inquiries from new clients about our offer. We are really surprised at the result and intend to use this media in the future”. Pia Mäemets, Marketing Specialist, Radisson SAS Hotel Tallinn

For booking and further information contact Allan Kivi allan@citypaper.ee, phone +372 52 05112

To see what City Paper Week in Review is all about, please go to www.citypaper.ee/paper