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President Valdas Adamkus: worth listening to.

”In my meetings with the heads of the most influential foreign states, I have heard many praising words about our country. However, a deeper analysis of political and economic processes in Lithuania reveals many ambiguities or even paradoxes of our life. We have mastered democratic oratory, which often does not coincide with our deeds. Selfishness, cynicism and narrow party interests often hide behind the declaration of ‘public interest’ and ‘justice.’”


“... today, we have to admit that public disappointment in our state as a value is deepening and our patriotism is diminishing. At times it seems that it is not external enemies but we who pose a threat to our statehood.”


“Extra funding will only temporarily camouflage the gaps, which are to reopen as soon as the flows of assistance decrease, unless the use of these funds is adequately related to our budget, coherent with reforms and long-term economic growth policy. If we fail to achieve these goals, the European Union funds may even do harm—distort people's expectations, trigger corruption and deepen distrust in public authorities.”


Read the full text (in English) of Mr. Adamkus’ speech at http://www.president.lt/en/news.full/6524. And if we may pay him a compliment, this is some of the finest English we’ve seen come out of the Baltic region. Too often, Baltic politicians are content with Baltish. Good for President Adamkus for demanding better.