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Copterline Estonia's CEO Named to Highest Aviation Post

Estonia’s Minister of Communications has asked Copterline Estonia’s CEO Tõnis Lepp to assume the position of Deputy Head of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Aviation and Maritime Department. As of March 24th, Mr. Lepp will assume the post.

"I have been working for Copterline Estonia since the very beginning—close to seven years during which time I’ve gained a lot of experience in a well-managed aviation company,” said Lepp. “I hope that Copterline will grow and develop. A fast and flexible air-bridge between Tallinn and Helsinki is important for both countries.”

"Since the minister personally asked me to take this high position, I was very surprised and flattered. I took the challenge, as this could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance," continued Lepp.

Copterline’s CEO Kari Ljungberg said, “We in Copterline are very proud of Tõnis Lepp's success and his new position. Choosing him to the position is also a gesture of trust to

Copterline's aviation business and the training system of our personnel. Tõnis Lepp's successor, Johan Pender, who has been trained by Tõnis Lepp himself, has already started in the service of Copterline Estonia OÜ.