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EU women outperform EU men

Women live six years longer and work harder, too.

Women in all 25 EU member states live six years longer than EU men, according to the EU statistical office. The difference is the most pronounced in Lithuania, where the average life expectancy for women is 77.7 years, and men's average life expectancy 66.3 years. The lowest difference was in Malta—80.7 years for women, compared to 76.7 years for men. Estonia took the honors for youngest first-time mothers (24.6 years), with Latvia (24.7) and Lithuania (24.8) not too far behind (The EU average is 28.2 years).


Latvia may be home to the hardest working women. Women in Latvia work 7.37 hours a day, while men work only 6.59 hours. Both Latvian women and men spend the same amount of time eating: 2.1 hours per day. Sorry to break it to you, men, but Latvia is not an anomaly. In other EU member states, women also work longer hours than men.


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