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Russians want to buy Estonian Railways

Another week, another potential buyer.

Estonian media reports that the Russian investment firm Promyshlennyje Investory (Industrial Investors) is interested in buying the shares of EstoniaÂ’s largest railways firm Eesti Raudtee. The investment firmÂ’s managers met with Estonian economy minister Edgar Savisaar (who ironically represents the state as another potential buyer) on Monday to discuss the potential transaction. The Estonian state owns 34% and BRS 66% of Eesti Raudtee. BRS announced of readiness to sell its stake to the state at the beginning of this year but since the government considered the price it asked for the stake too high, BRS announced it would seek other buyers.

If youÂ’re a follower of this story (or rather this soap opera), it may seem City Paper is the only party who hasnÂ’t declared an interest in buying Estonian Railways. And so now we declare our interest. Readers whoÂ’d like to help out should send cash to the editor. Or perhaps the Lithuanian Consul General in Chicago would like to buy it?