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Estonia ranks first in Olympic gold (medals per capita, that is)

Three gold medals impressive no matter how you count it

Thanks to three gold medals, Estonia briefly held third place in the medal count at the Turin Olympic Games. This position quickly eroded, of course, as more medals were awarded. (At press time, Estonia ranked 15th.) Fans who want to feel even better about EstoniaÂ’s success should calculate Gold Medals per Capita. This is not the most common measure of victory, but it certainly improves EstoniaÂ’s position.

Latvia has one bronze medal and ranked 23rd as of press time. Finland ranked 14th with three silver and three bronze. ItÂ’s worth noting LatviaÂ’s bronze was won by Martins Rubenis in the luge. Readers traveling in Latvia may wish to make a detour to the bobsled track in Sigulda to try track-related winter sports for themselves. Since there are relatively few lawyers in Latvia, tourists may still take part in high-risk sports.

For current medal rankings click here: http://www.nbcolympics.com/medals/1599001/detail.html