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Terrorists, romance, and nuclear power plants

Wayward daughter dating al-Qaeda financier?Lithuania became concerned Monday when it emerged that Sergey Zakurko, father of Viktorija Zakurko, a Lithuanian citizen and companion of Mohammed Benhammedi, is working at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Benhammedi is suspected to be a key financier of an al-Qaeda terrorist group.

The poor father, one might say, suffering for his nineteen year-old daughterÂ’s unfortunate choice of a companion. But since Mr. Zakurko works in the security department of the Ignalina plant, and because Mr. Benhammedi was detained in the UK last week, and because Mr. Zakurko flew to Great Britain after his daughterÂ’s boyfriendÂ’s detention, the circumstances do seem to attract attention. According to Alvydas Sadeckas, chairman of Lithuania's National Security and Defense Committee, an official inspection is currently taking place at the nuclear plant, and governments are investigating possible relations between Zakurko and terrorist groups.