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Ilves: Estonia must disconnect from the Russian power network

How about Marek Strandberg’s solution?

At a recent Estonian energy forum, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves called the EU’s energy policy inadequate and naive. Ilves favors not allowing Russia to negotiate with individual countries, but rather negotiating on behalf of all member states. He also said that Estonia’s connection to the Russian power network is a problem in the security context. “In the context of the latest total cyber-attack against Estonia, the most dangerous thing for us is that we haven't managed to de-link ourselves from the Russian electricity system,” said Ilves. Estonia’s major daily, Postimees, writes it would take five years to implement a plan. Solution discussions centered around the Polish-Lithuanian power cable and the Estonian-Finnish Estlink cable.

But what about the Green parliamentarian Marek Strandberg’s wind park solution? Is it getting taken no more seriously than the Green party?