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Estonian Nature in English

At last!

Birds may not sing in Estonian, but most Estonian nature gurus write about them in that language, limiting the amount of information for foreign nature enthusiasts. Beginning last week, some nature calendar brings Estonian nature to non-Estonian speakers.

One truly remarkable feature is Webcam in the woods - Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) Tony's diary. The nature calendar team has placed a webcam above a stork’s nest and provided daily accounts of the stork family’s activity. As we understand it, this is the only camera of its kind in the world—planted deep in the wilds, not in a zoo. Nature enthusiasts will want to have a look:

www.weather.ee/woodcam And you may also wish to read the nature diary of City Paper’s editor, a weekly glimpse of where he’s getting his feet wet. See “Voodoo Spring” on the same page.