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Riot rundown

A summary

This weekly newsletter can’t possibly bring you up-to-the minute coverage of events surrounding Bronze Soldier, but below is a summary to bring our foreign readers up to date. For the most recent happenings, visit www.balticsww.com/forum (sorry, English-language only).

The Estonian media has reported that police detained roughly 1,000 people from April 27th through the 29th. The breakdown:

    • The majority of the detainees are Russian-speakers, many with prior criminal records. Police report that during the riots the crime rate elsewhere in Tallinn decreased by 50 % and that many of Tallinn’s well-known criminals were among the first ranks of those who “fought to protect” the monument.
    • Roughly 100 of the detainees are minors.
    • 50 formal arrests have been made with 30 criminal investigations begin.
    • One person was killed.
    • 150 people were injured.
    • 29 policemen were injured.
    • Possible prison sentences: Five years if convicted of the organization of mass disorder.

For the sixth day for the Estonian embassy in Moscow has been surrounded by vandalizing demonstrators, and the Estonian ambassador has not been able to exit the building. Russian authorities have done nothing to remedy the situation.

A delegation from the Russian Duma that visited Estonia called for PM Ansip’s resignation and the restoration of the Bronze Soldier to its former location. The delegation also refused to participate in the program prepared for them by the Foreign Ministry, leaving a good number of foreign ambassadors waiting in vain for the delegation’s appearance.

The soldier has already been moved and stands at Tallinn’s military cemetery.