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A salute to Mayor Jüri Ratas

Savisaar to take Tallinn’s helm

This week, the Tallinn city council elected Estonian Centre Party chairman Edgar Savisaar as mayor of Tallinn. Mr. Savisaar served as the mayor of Tallinn from 2001-2004. Savisaar replaces Jüri Ratas who will step into parliament. And what we liked about Mr. Ratas...

While critics felt Ratas was too young or merely a Centre Party puppet, City Paper may be counted among his fans. Ratas held his ground to support a green zone in the old town, and he was a forceful advocate of a green agenda for the city. He was frequently seen around town in the passenger seat of an economy car, and the bicycle he showed up with a community events was actually his—not one borrowed for the occasion. Ratas did not hesitate to take someone’s telephone number in order to look into a problem. We think Estonia could benefit from more politicians like Ratas. Good luck in parliament, Mr. Ratas.