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City Paper's Gastronomy Awards

The City Paper George Bernard Shaw Food for Thought Gastronomy Awards

“He was never more serious than when he was joking.”

–said of Mr. Shaw


City Paper is pleased to accept reader nominations for these 2007 awards for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. Please send your entries to citypaper@citypaper.ee. Please mark the subject line: “Food for thought.”


“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” Best Gourmet Restaurant Award

In the oblivious spirit of “Let them eat cake,” this award honors the places we’d all like to dine in more often, if only our pocket books would allow.

Luciano Pavarotti Six Chickens for Dinner Best Soul Food Award

When you want to stuff yourself in a comfortable restaurant surrounded by staff who know your name...this is where you go for comfort food.

Passepartout Best Ethnic Restaurant Award

Named for Phileas Fogg’s manservant, this award honors courageous purveyors of the spicy and exotic.

Sweaty Edgar Best Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurant Award

This is the place you creep off to when the wife is out of town. Its hygienic standards are questionable, but you don’t really care—the food is good, and it doesn’t matter how you dress, because you won’t see anybody you know.

Holly Golightly Best Café Award

Stylish and flighty, it’s the best place to get the food Tiffany’s never served.

Rick Blaine Best Bar Award

No bar has ever measured up to Rick’s Café Americain, but there’s always hope. A sophisticated place where rogues, spies, les femmes fatales, and bon vivants gather to swap lies.

Bob Dylan Fat Black Pussycat Dive Bar Award

You might find Dylan seated in a dark corner composing “Blowing in the Wind,” but you sure as hell won’t meet any Eurovision candidates here.

Oliver Twist Best Gruel (Worst Restaurant) Award

This one’s self-explanatory.