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Pink gets a Porsche

Can’t have others go “vuhh, vuhh” past him on the highway

Oliver Kruuda, king of Estonia’s Kalev Chocolate dynasty, recently purchased a 2006 Porsche Coupe 911 Carrera S for his marketing director, Alar Pink. Kruuda justified the auto—not that he has to justify it—by pointing out that the number one marketing guy for Estonia’s number one brand shouldn’t be driving a Kia: “If you’re driving a Kia on the Tallinn-Tartu highway [speed limit 90 kph], and other cars are passing you, vuhh, vuhh, then it’s not possible that this guy has number one brand ideas in his head.”

We know Alar Pink and think he’s a pretty good guy, so we’re happy he got a Porsche. But we plan stay off the roads when he’s out there getting ideas.