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The Radisson SAS Guaranteed Conference

 We put it right, or you don’t pay.

 It will surprise no one that Radisson SAS has conference facilities to host 875 of your closest friends—with one room big enough to accommodate 350. But what might surprise you is the Radisson SAS guarantee: “If you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of your meeting or event, let us know at the time and we will put it right, or you won’t pay.” It takes confidence to make a promise like that one, a confidence you have a team professional enough to carry it off. And Radisson SAS has it.

            The team is flexible, too. If none of their 14 conference rooms suits you, they’ll get creative. Perhaps a breakfast meeting on the 24th floor with striking views of the city? (It’s said grand views bring grand ideas.) And it’s worth mentioning that the Radisson SAS may make the best breakfast in town. City Paper can’t stop talking about their Super Breakfast. Of course, they’ll make you anything you want, from a simple coffee to an elaborate canapé.

            To find out how Radisson SAS can design a conference for you, contact their Reservations Department at +372 682 3500 or Reservations.Tallinn@RadissonSAS.com. Or visit the hotel at www.tallinn.radissonsas.com

Book a conference room and hotel room from February through May 2007, and receive a free hotel room upgrade. When booking, please mention this offer and City Paper.