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More concessions to Russia?

Or more the devil citing scripture?

The Estonian daily Postimees commissioned a poll from the company Emor during the emergence of conflict between Estonia and Russia on the issue of what individuals think of Estonia’s tactics in relations towards Russia. 47 percent of the 500 polled respondents agreed with the statement, “Estonia should make more concessions in political relations with Russia, by prioritizing economic interests.” Of course, this makes a nice newspaper headline, but when the subjects polled were separated by nationality, only 34 percent of Estonians felt this way. 73 percent “of representatives of other nationalities” (Russians?) agreed.

Concerning the flipside of the question—should be firmer in its dealings with Russia, even if it is to the detriment of the Estonian economy—40 percent surveyed said yes. National breakdown on this question was 55 percent Estonians agreeing with the statement, and 10 percent of “other nations’ representatives.”