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Anatomy of a John

 Who uses Tallinn prostitutes?

Finns may breathe a sigh of relief with the release of an Estonian Health Development Institute study which reveals Estonian men—not Finnish sex tourists, as popular myth has it—are the main clients of Tallinn prostitutes. The ladies of the evening named Estonians as their clients most frequently (71%), followed by Russians (66%), and finally Finns (55%).

As for the prostitutes themselves, 81% were of Russian nationality, 13% Estonian, and 6% representatives of other nationalities. 43% were Estonian citizens, 8% Russian citizens, and 49% without citizenship. 59% had children, 17% had husbands or partners, and 27% lived alone.

The Delfi news portal added that a prostitute averages 11 clients per month. 37.9% of them earn 7,501-10,000 kroons a month. 26.6% earn less than that; 10.7% earn 15,001-20,000 kroons, and 3.3% more than 20,000 kroons a month.

The study said eight percent of the prostitutes carry the HIV virus.