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Liars' New Year

 Ringing in the New Year with the newly rich

In modern Tallinn, social status is conveyed by the car you drive. But this time of year a signal is also sent by the type of fireworks display you organize for your friends. Imbi Imetore, our City Paper society correspondent, chronicled some of the more impressive lies told by prominent Estonians at private New Year parties hosted throughout the city:


  1. “My fireworks are professional fireworks. They can’t be bought in stores.”
  2. “My fireworks display was staged by the same company that does Vladimir Putin’s. Of course, mine cost more than Putin’s.”
  3. “My fireworks are next year’s models. You can only get them in Singapore, and only if you know somebody.”
  4. “My fireworks display cost over 500,000 kroons. But I got around the VAT.”
  5. “My fireworks were confiscated from Saddam Hussein’s palace. But I can’t tell you how I got them.”
  6. “My fireworks are so powerful that they explode a second time in the earth’s outer atmosphere.”
  7. “My fireworks are so bright that you can see them from Helsinki.”
  8. “My fireworks display was designed by a team of Cold War scientists.”
  9. “Usually, I have dancing midgets at my parties, but this year I decided to go for fireworks.”
  10. “My fireworks are organic.”