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LV + LT = Same Place?

The Czech Republic's soccer federation made all of the appropriate preparations to welcome their northern neighbor before the game. The Latvian flag was in the game program, alongside a picture of the Latvian soccer team, and before the game, Latvia's national anthem was played. However, the Czech Republic was playing against Lithuania, not Latvia.

The federation apologized profusely, and said the mistakes were completely inexcusable, and they will do everything to make sure the same error does not happen in the future. In Czech language, Lithuania is Litva, and Latvia is Lotyšsko, so it shouldn't have been too hard to differentiate the two counties. After all the fuss, the federation spokesman Vaclav Tichy took responsibility and resigned, and others connected were fired and fined.

The Czech Republic, preparing for next month's European Championship, won 2-0.