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Lithuania: Land Of Gifts

Lithuania, with its strong, majestic oaks, vibrant folk costumes and a million ways to prepare a potato, is also famous for its multitude of crafts, alcohol and textiles, perfect for holiday gifts. The most identifiable crafts are detailed embroidery and small scale weaving, especially linen.

Adorned with folk motifs, and ancient pagan symbols, embroidered placemats, napkins and tablecloths are souvenirs that will most likely last forever and add a special something to the table. Available in many specialty shops throughout the country.

Have someone more manly to shop for? Monks first mentioned the strong and bitter Trejos Devynerios alcoholic beverage over 1000 years ago and the drink is still popular today. Chockfull of herbs and spices, this drink is perfect on its own or mixed. The bottles are labeled with ‘999’ and come in three different varieties all equally intriguing. The drink can be purchased at any shop or supermarket around town.

Krupnikas is another liquor from a land than knows their alcohol. This strong liquor made from clover honey and herbs is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth. The drink is sometimes heated before being served, and legend has it that Benedictine monks living in Niasviz originally created the concoction. Not just known for its taste, the beverage was also used as a disinfectant for Polish soldiers in World War II.

Amber everything can be found throughout the country, especially in the old cobblestone streets of Vilnius. From amber encrusted knives and letter openers to amber chess sets and earrings, there is something in amber for everyone. This holiday season is predicted to be an especially cold one, so make sure to stock up on adorable (and warm) mittens, socks, shawls and hats to keep you toasty throughout the frigid winter months.