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LETTERS: Satirical Spelling

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed that the latest of your three issues contained less 'creative' spelling. I find it very liberating when people change the spelling of words to the extent where they don't mean what you intend. In these sorts of situations, I give the benefit of the doubt that you meant the most likely definitionof the word.

I really liked it when you referred to yourself as the real 'worrier' when in fact you were trying to call yourself a soldier, ie warrior. Some of my work mates have taken the same approach because they have been inspired by you. My colleague changed her position from 'Sales Manager' to 'Sails Manager' to pay homage to the Silver Medal win for Lithuania in the women's sailing in the Beijing Olympics. It is very creative. Like you. Please, never, ever change. Ever.

Your faithful reader,
Jerry Silms, Vilnius