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Artist Bites: JURGA

Jurga (Jurga Seduikyte) is a highly acclaimed young Lithuanina singer/songwriter. She recently won the 2007 MTV European Music Award for Best Baltic Act. In an interview with City Paper, Jurga said "It was really great to stand on the MTV stage with the award, I'm really thankful to everyone who supported me in the Baltics. I'm happy to perform abroad and to see people like my music, but I won't forget my own country too."

At school Jurga's teacher threw her out of the choir, "I didn't want to sing just the lowest notes, I wanted to sing solo. I had many songs at that time, but I was really afraid to show them to anybody. Only a few years ago all my fears were gone."

Her second album, released April 2007, became "gold" within two weeks. It includes 13 art rock rythyms. Jurga describes her album as alternative. "I like to tell stories and the best way to do this is through songs and books. Actually, I wrote a fairytale about a green cat and a snake. It will be released next year."

She is currently working on her third album "I like to experiment, so it won't be a simple album. It will be similar to a soundtrack with a storyline, characters and their relationships. I have some nice songs already. It feels like it will be a promising project, I hope to present it outside Lithuania as well," she says.

Photos courtesy of M.P.3 Agencyuseum