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A Splash of Baltic Beauty

It's no secret that Balts are beautiful. Carmen Kass, model for Dior and Victoria's Secret is originally from Paide, Estonia. Inguna Butane of Latvia is the current face of Escada. Giedre Dukauskaite, the face of Prada, is Lithuanian.

How is it that this region produces such beauty? A part of the reason is natural genetic luck, but a larger part is skin care and lifestyle.
Balts traditionally utilize spa treatments, whether at home in a sauna covered in mud and honey, or at a pricey spa, covered in the same.

One of the biggest tourist industries in the Baltics is the beauty sector, with tourists coming to improve their skin, whiten their teeth or just relax.

Massages are especially popular, and Ayurvedic massages are incredibly popular as well as beneficial. The massage technician uses elements of yoga, meditation and herbal practices in the most relaxing and nonabrasive of massages.

Foot and hand reflexology is also popular, and specially skilled masseurs know which points to press for whatever ailment you posses.

Not only do the Baltic states know beauty like the back of their silken hands, the prices are also much lower than in many other European nations, making this little known part of the world the ideal location to get away from it all.