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A Baltic Summer Hair And Nail Guide

If the internationally lauded parade of blondes through the streets of Riga showed the world one thing, it was that Baltic girls have got style.

It might not be the classic and polished chic of Western Europe, but the bright colors, sky-high heels and flawless hair of the Baltic ladies are nothing if not stylish.
This summer has opened on a colorful note. Reds, pinks, oranges, greens and turquoise are the most popular colors, in makeup, nails and dress.

Baltic ladies have always understood the value of matching and accessorizing, and while most women only have a few snazzy shoes and outfits, they freshen them up with bright shoes, a good pedicure and carefully coifed hair.  


More color, more shine is the cry of the season. In light of the recent economic crisis, many women are going back to gel nails, in order to cut back on weekly or bimonthly manicures.
The French manicure takes on a new twist, this time with sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles. Plaid tips with jewels are also new for this season.

Even though the leopard and zebra faux-fur coats are off, the patterns still live on in nail design and animal decorations still adorn Baltic nails.
Winter is over and boots are off as well, making way for a bevy of brilliant red, gold and silver sandals. Now more than before, women are turning to gel pedicures (French tips, and glue-on jewels) for a lasting, polished look that won't come off even after hours of clacking over Old Town's cobblestones.


Thank goodness the euro-mullet is out. Though short, punkish hair is still in, it has been toned down. This season's style draws inspiration from the classic 60s; long, straight and ultra shiny.
However, this easy style is anything but boring. Get ready for a departure from the traditional bright red tipped hair. This summer, yellow and black seems to be the popular trend, for highlights and tipping. 

Curls are out for the season, and the pony-tail is back. This style is worn super-sleek and slicked back, no fly-aways or bangs here!
For men the euro-mullet is also out, replaced by an ungelled, mussed style, similar to the coiffure of Robert Pattison in the movie "Twilight".

Men in the Baltics have had a very clean and neat appearance, and this season hair is no exception. It doesn't get any neater than completely bare, and this summer has already seen this new style among young men. Either waxed and shiny, or closely cropped, the boys of summer are ready for a heat wave. Quasi-mohawks are also showing up on the streets of Tallinn and Tartu, hinting that this summer's hair for men will be full of fun, festive styles.