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10 Questions: Tanel Padar

Tanel Padar, is the lead singer of succesful Estonian band The Sun.

Internationally, Tanel is probably best known for winning the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest with his then boyband 2XL and singer Dave Benton. This will change as The Sun will be officially releasing their first international album on April 1st, 2008. The music is melodic hard rock and the band will be touring Finland, Estonia and Latvia, with a ten concert album tour.

Tanel's sister is the famous Estonian singer Gerli Padar.

1. What was your childhood nickname?

I didn't really have one!  Danbad, but it wasn't used very often.

2. What do you do better than singing?

The kitchen is probably thesecond best place I feel most comfortable. I love to cook and to see satisfied faces after a meal I have prepared!

3. What is your favorite section in a grocery store?

Beer and the candy section

4. What song best describes your love life?

It's hard to tell. I think that the best are ones I wrote a few days ago! There's love, hate and all the other things I have in my life right now!   

5. Do you fight with your sister Gerli? Who wins?

We used to fight a lot, but not anymore. Now we are both grown-ups, we seriously  respect and support each other.

6. What are your favorite restaurants in Tallinn?

Vertigo and Bocca

7. Do you let strangers hug you?

Not really, but sometimes it happens.

8. Growing up, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

Hopefully not :))))  

9. Were you popular at school?

Not as popular as nowadays. I was a normal kid, did normal things, except my love for music was spooky! I was able to play the guitar all day without noticing how the time was flying.

10. Favorite movie?

David Lynch's Mulholland Drive